Zens Aussies Now Located in Oakes, North Dakota
      Next Litter Due December 12th,  2013 From
                      Whiskey and Ammeretto

We have never had a more wonderful breed as we have found in the Aussies. They are smart, willing to please, very loyal, and protective of his or her family. We got our first aussie in 1993, and fell in Love.  We never had babies from our first aussie, and she was with us for 12 years, and when we lost her, we knew we had to find another, and carry on the wonderful breed.  They are family members, and the love and trust they have in us is what we cherish.
We have never had a dog easier to house train, work cattle,  than the Aussie, and our Aussies have always made the best travel companions. Our kids have since grown, and moved on since that day in 1993, and when the last one moved out, our aussies were LOST!!

Our oldest came home from the Army, after 15 months of being in Germany, and each dog remembered him, and greeted him with cries, kisses, and hardly left his side.

Wouldn't you just love to have a coffee
                     buddy like this?